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Your Pest Problem is Now Our Pest Problem

Burnell Pest Services Inc is a full-service, family-owned, licensed pest control service located in Southern Maine. The business is owned and operated by Chris Burnell, a Maine native with over 30 years experience trapping and controlling Maine wildlife, insects and pests.

Chris Burnell was born and raised in the woods of Southern Maine. Chris knew from his early childhood that he would one day become either a Maine Guide or a trapper- he became both. Chris became a Maine Hunting and Fishing guide in 1990 and continues to guide hunters and fishermen today, along with educating people regarding bow hunting, fishing and everything related to Maine wildlife.

Chris Burnell has a lifelong love of wildlife and the outdoors, and as a result, he believes in using the most humane and ecologically friendly techniques available to take care of your pest problems. He is licensed by the Maine Board of Pesticides Control as Master Applicator with license CMA 45604/7A and 7E.

Unlike many of the larger, franchised pest removal services in Maine, when you call Burnell Pest Services Inc,

Chris Burnell, the owner, is the person with whom you will be working.